CoQ10 – a class of mitochrondrial antioxidants and enzymes

Curcumin – best known active ingredient in turmeric

Idebenone – synthetic variant of CoQ10 with some improved properties over natural versions

IsoCort – a supplement for cortisol (a steroid hormone) imbalances mainly caused by adrenal fatigue/dysfunction.

Licorice Root

Monolaurin – monoglyceride form of lauric acid from coconuts used against pathogenic bacteria and viruses

PQQ – mitochrondrial nutrient and potent antioxidant

Turmeric – an Asian spice known both for its culinary and medicinal applications

Ubiquinol – natural reduced version of CoQ10, ready-for-use in the body without additional conversion from the ubiquinone form

Ubiquinone – natural oxidized version of CoQ10, must first be converted to the reduced ubiquinol form

Vitamins K: K1 and K2

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