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Our Purpose

EmediaHealth intends to provide you with guidance on developments in healthcare. We’re of the opinion that the mainstream medical practices common in the United States and much of the world are inadequate to solve the growing deadly epidemics of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

Mainstream doctors focus on treating critical illness, not on preventing the illness from occurring in the first place. Scientists and alternative medicine practitioners have identified many effective changes in behaviors and diets as well as nutrients and dietary supplements that can be very effective in improving health.

Yet these are often ignored by mainstream doctors as big pharmaceutical companies believe they cannot make a profit on them and instead prefer to introduce side-effect prone drugs that often are inferior to the alternatives in effectiveness, cost, and side-effects. Their only advantages are they are patentable and therefore highly profitable for a big drug company that can ram these drugs down the throats of doctors and consumers, even if they manage to kill hundreds or thousands of patients in the process.

By no means are all drugs bad. Generics with long track records of safety such as Metformin can often be very good choices. Yet the big brand names are pushing expensive yet often no more effective “new models” on the unsuspecting public, often steamrolling the less expensive (and less profitable) choices in the process.

We also aim to help you save money on your health care costs. There are a variety of ways to obtain testing for monitoring and screening for common health care conditions and to treat those conditions with inexpensive dietary supplements that may be superior to the practices common in mainstream medicine.

For instance, the public is widely aware of cholesterol tests being used to monitor for health threats. Yet the public is not aware that the common LDL cholesterol test isn’t even a direct measurement, it is an estimate that can widely vary to the point of being meaningless for any real use. More effective tests such as VAP and NMR LipoProfile do direct measurements and also characterize LDL cholesterol particle sizes that are increasingly believed to be more important to the health risk than the actual amount of LDL cholesterol.

Yet many, perhaps most, mainstream doctors will not order these tests unless you request them. Some don’t even know what they are. And if they come back high, many of these same doctors will prescribe dangerous statin drugs as a first line of defense despite the harmful CoQ10-depleting results that can cause pain, muscle weakness, confusion, and depression. Safer and often less expensive alternatives exist in the world of alternative medicine, but many doctors are not aware of them. By becoming an informed healthcare consumer, you can more effectively guide your medical care to pick the best cost/benefit tradeoffs for your needs and budget.

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