Is There Cover-Up of China Coronavirus Spread?

The rapidly spreading 2019-nCoV coronavirus in the Wuhan outbreak is a close relative of the SARS virus in the 2002-2003 outbreak. During that time, SARS is claimed to have infected almost 8000 people and killed almost 800, mostly in China.

On January 28 after roughly a month into this new outbreak, the official figures are 6057 infections and 132 deaths.

Scale up the deaths across the same duration as the longer SARS outbreak and it seems this coronavirus outbreak might cause a similar number of deaths if the death rate stays where it is now. But the official number of infections is doubling every two days for the past week, so this outbreak could turn out to be much worse than SARS.

Infections take some time to reach their conclusion of a recovery or a death and most of these rapidly growing numbers of infections seem to be in the early stages. For those who recover, there are early reports some suffered long-term damage to their hearts.

As rapidly as the infection counts are growing, it may be they are severely understated as multiple sources report China is undercounting or covering up the full numbers of infected.

University of Hong Kong researchers on January 27 estimated the actual number of infections could already be far higher, perhaps 44,000. It appears many are not diagnosed until their infection is well along and developing into pneumonia.

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A lack of test kits and resources for treatment of the infected are leading to people who are sick being sent home without being tested for 2019-nCoV. Thus these people, if they are infected, are not added to official statistics. As they are not in quarantine, they may also be more likely to spread the infection further.

Of great concern are reports that roughly 2% of infected do not have a fever, meaning that the usual screening methods used at airports, borders, and other checkpoints are likely to miss detecting some infections and those people will go on to infect others.

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Many of the herbs he uses for his protocols are common and readily available, for instance Chinese skullcap and licorice root. These two are frequently mentioned in the book as useful against many viruses.

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As Mike Adams of Natural News explains in the video below, governments may not want to admit how widely the infections are spreading for fear of crashing their economies and stock markets as the economic impact of quarantines and travel restrictions could be severe.

The Coronavirus COVER-UP: Why Trump and China are HIDING the truth!

There is a Chinese biotech lab in Wuhan that is known for handling dangerous viruses such as SARS. It is located about 20 miles from the Huanan Seafood Market that has been officially blamed as the source of 2019-nCoV. According to the journal Nature, Chinese labs have already released SARS virus repeatedly.

Might it be more likely, whether accidentally or intentionally, that this Wuhan lab released the virus? Perhaps a lab employee was infected and unknowingly spread the disease via the seafood market?

After all, Chinese have been eating “weird foods” such as bats and snakes for thousands of years apparently without large disease outbreaks like SARS (blamed on bats), MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, another coronavirus disease but blamed on camels rather than bats), and this latest coronavirus.

China would not want to admit such a release. Minimizing the reported level of infections would match up with that pattern of thinking.

In the US, CDC and other labs are also apparently backlogged on performing their own 2019-nCoV tests. So even without any intent to deceive, the actual number of infections in the US could by now be much higher than the official 5 in Seattle, Chicago, California (Santa Ana and Los Angeles), and Arizona.

The US government is evacuating Americans from Wuhan to California. It plans to keep them in quarantine for two weeks at March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, California, in hopes of minimizing the risks of spreading the disease further.

The Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Global Cases Map is an excellent tool to visualize how this new disease outbreak has been recently spreading based upon official data, but it may not reflect the full severity of what is happening today. Here are updated maps for this afternoon and evening.

2019-nCoV cases as of 2020-Jan-28 1pm EST

China coronavirus case map

2019-nCoV cases as of 2020-Jan-28 6pm EST

Map of 2019-nCoV cases as of 2020-Jan-28 11pm EST

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