Swanson Vitamins Coupon Code for Nearly Free $0.01 Shipping

Use the coupon code 1PENNY at Swanson Health Products for shipping priced at 1 penny per order within the continental United States. Not sure how long this offer lasts, but the coupon code has been reported as working the last few days.

Simply enter 1PENNY during checkout or via the Have A Promo Code? link to get your discount.

We’ve found that Swanson offers a very good selection of products at competitive prices. There are a lot of vendors on the Internet with good prices, however. One point that sets Swanson apart is their customer service and how they handle correcting the occasional order fulfillment mistakes. In a couple of instances of orders being shipped short a bottle or the stock picker getting a similar but not correct product from the shelf, Swanson customer service fixed these mistakes easily and politely when contacted via email. They don’t put you through the grinder and will correct the problem at no cost to you, a nice change from the practices of some other Internet vendors who demand you ship the wrong product back — sometimes at your own cost.

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