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I’ve been researching the synthetic variant of CoQ10 called idebenone for an article I’m writing and found that there is a supplier that has better price on this supplement than the others I’ve found. It’s called VitaDigest. They have a coupon code VTCHW8 good through December 31, 2010, for 8% off your order, so I thought I’d share that with our readers who might benefit from the discount.

The foremost problem that exists with CoQ10 supplements is that CoQ10 in any form (either ubiquinone or the better absorbed ubiquinol form) cannot cross the blood-brain barrier due to being such large molecules. Idebenone is much smaller and therefore can cross the blood-brain barrier. For people who are suffering from depleted CoQ10 due to the use of statins or other drugs that block the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme necessary for cells to make their own CoQ10, supplemental CoQ10 may be unable to correct brain health problems caused by low CoQ10 levels. That’s true even if you get your CoQ10 levels up throughout the rest of the body via supplementation. Idebenone is more likely to be able to do the job for the simple reason that it can get into the brain. It has many more advantages over CoQ10 which I’ll be discussing in my upcoming article. Until then, you can read an older article Idebenone, A Better CoQ10 for additional information.

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Click through the banner to the right and then search for “PrimaForce idebenone” on their web site to find the product that I’ll be mentioning in my upcoming article. If you order, be sure to enter the coupon code VTCHW8 during checkout to get the discount as I was unable to find a way to link to discount to be automatically applied when you click on the banner.

(NOTE: Be sure to enter the VTCHW8 Coupon Code during checkout to get your discount!)

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