Researching Conditions, Supplements, and Medicine with VitaSearch

Recently I came across a website called VitaSearch sponsored by Tishcon Corporation, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements. The site has a very helpful search feature that finds information on drug and supplement studies. The user can enter keywords referring to conditions, supplements, and medicines and it will report back with summaries of studies and/or expert interviews.

For instance, I’ve been researching pyridoxamine, a vitamin B6 variant with important properties for reducing damage to the body from diabetes. The site allowed me to quickly find seven studies on pyridoxamine, about half of which relate to diabetes. Click on pyridoxamine on VitaSearch to see an example of the search report.

VitaSearch also offers an affiliated site called HealthNotes that delivers more general information on topics such as vitamins, herbs, weight loss, fitness, and health issues specific to men and women.

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