HerbsPro Discount Coupon Codes for 5% for May 2011

HerbsPro is a nutritional supplement reseller based in Northern California. This is a new vendor for us, so we’re still evaluating them. So far, it looks like they have very competitive prices particularly for supplement fans who buy in bulk as on many products they offer increasing discounts at quantities 4, 8, and 12.

Two 5% discount codes for savings from HerbsPro run through May 31, 2011. Coupon code DSC200459 is good for 5% off everything. DSC200457 is good for 5% off NOW Foods products.

Free shipping applies to orders over $89 under of 3 pounds or less weight. For heavier orders, they charge $5.95 flat rate ground shipping.

They offer a “cash back” rewards program for frequent customers that offers up to 5% back on orders over $399 (use HerbsPro discount coupon code DSC198130). After $1000 in orders, double rewards points are added. For a more complete explanation, read HerbsPro Cash Back Program.

HerbsPro reviews on Google are generally good, about 4.3 stars out of 5.

In April, we posted articles about carnitine supplements can be used for improving mitochondrial health, energy levels, and normalizing blood lipids and glucose. Carnitine is particularly scarce for people who don’t eat much beef, especially vegetarians and vegans and people following diets low in red meats often recommended by cardiologists. We noticed that HerbsPro pricing on NOW Foods L-Carnitine 1000 mg 100 Tabs is very competitive, better than that found on Amazon and just one penny higher than the lowest found on Google Shopping. With HerbsPro discount codes and cash back program, the price could be lower still.

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